Their friendship: a summary

Sketch dump of?? Some people?? And a floating hand



Chapter 03 - Page 03

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all the words to make up for the past lack of dialogue!

the three middle panels were probably my favorite ones to do.

whee everyone is terrible

??? strange dragon boy


So, here he is, #5 of the Five, the Nefarious Prince, Lorens Vane (plus detail shot because I’m SUPER PLEASED with the lines/shading on this puppy) looking suitably terrified, and so marks the finish of my Exposition series! I’ve had so much fun drawing them all and got a LOT OF COOL STUFF out of doing these. I’m dead pleased with how far I’ve improved just in these five pieces. I love Grandomina so much I will fight you about it.

Currently: working on my best piece of art to date


No Shows by DIN0LICH

David Bowie and Drop Dead Fred had a baby and it’s Gerard Way’s new solo project.
I’m into it.

-warm up sketch-

If I livestreamed me drawing RIGHT NOW would anyone come and watch


What is UP with Gravo Roman’s hair? Is it magic? Is his head actually on fire? We may never know

Anyway since Kier’s birthday is coming up soon I figured now is as good a time as any to draw this guy too, so here he is: #4 of the Five, Gravo, the Thief!

I tried out a lot of different techniques doing this piece and I’m SO pleased with how it’s turned out, it was really fun to do. Just Lorens left to draw!


“The White & Black Knights” 1911 A1 .45 Autos
By Mike Dubber Engraving Studio

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